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Key purpose
Ensure that all new and revised procedures, agreements and staff instructions are regularly updated and published accurately, in time and in accordance with regulatory requirements.
Structure and reporting relationship
Manage high workloads in ATC and maintain familiarity with all airspace, rules and regulations. The job has a direct impact on the ATC Service provided by dans’ and consequently can be directly linked to revenue streams and expenditures across dans’.
The job holder requires adherence to various operational and UAE regulatory demands and requires immediate decision making that can often affect the safety and lives of aerodrome users.
Communications & Working Relationships:

Head of ATC, ATC Operations Manager, ATC Technical Support Manager, All ATC Staff, DANS Internal departments, ATES

Dubai Airports, Dubai Airport Stakeholders, Other airports, Adjacent ANSPs, Regulatory organisations – GCAA/DCAA

Administrative Function

Update and maintain dans local ATC documents and manuals to ensure they are in compliance with regulatory requirements.
Develop new ATC procedures in the form of TI, SI, etc. and communicate these to all necessary stakeholders.
Provide on-going education and guidance to staff regarding regulations and procedures.
Identify improvement opportunities and solutions to potential problems and communicate them to line management.
Assist the Project Specialist(s) in the initiating, planning, executing and closing of Operational projects.
Document all changes required through the dans OCRA and Safety Management processes.

Air Traffic Management

Manage and control air traffic safely in accordance with applicable rules, regulations and unit procedures.
Strive at all times to achieve the required throughput targets as appropriate.
Manage air traffic flow and provide operators with slot allocation information as required, to avoid congestion within or beyond dans’ assigned areas of responsibility.
Manage high workloads and stress, in particular dealing with emergencies and unusual circumstances.
Co-ordinate with the appropriate external agencies correctly and in a timely manner, including but not limited to adjacent ATCUs, UAE military and Airside Operations.


Undergo training and successfully complete competency examinations in both theoretical and practical knowledge/currency as determined by dans ATS.
Maintain a thorough knowledge and understanding of all relevant documents – in particular Annex 2, Annex 11, Doc 4444, Doc 7030, UAE AIP and Dubai Manual of Air Traffic Services (DMATS).
Maintain a thorough operational knowledge and understanding of the equipment and systems used for the provision of ATS, found in both the Primary Control facility and the Contingency Control facility.
Ensure a thorough understanding and awareness (through self or pre-watch briefing) of current OBs, TIs, SIs, NOTAMs and weather information before assuming any ATC duties.


Adhere to regularity reporting of safety incident (ROSI) requirements, ensuring that the information provided is accurate, unambiguous and complete.
All incidents, abnormal occurrences, conditions and procedures likely to constitute a risk to safety, other than those for which a ROSI is required, shall be reported through appropriate internal dans channels.
Contribute to an atmosphere of trust in which people are encouraged to report safety related issues without the risk of punishment for actions, omissions or decisions taken by them which are commensurate with their experience and training but where gross negligence, wilful violations and destructive acts are not tolerated.


Staff shall conduct themselves in accordance with the “dans Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.”
Report for duty rested and in a presentable manner.
Practice professionalism and politeness to all users of services provided by dans as well as staff within the unit.
Exercise discretion in the discharge of duties and handling of information.

Development and Support

Participate on an ad hoc basis in simulation exercises, development of procedures and airspace restructuring.
Participate in configuration testing and commissioning of new or upgraded ATM systems.
Perform other duties related to ATS commensurate with the position.

Knowledge & Experience:

Extensive knowledge of relevant ICAO / CARS documents, applicable rules and local instructions.
Requires a working knowledge of document control and a document management system.
Comprehensive experience in the operation and interaction of ATC equipment.
Previous experience in working in an ATC support function and in producing and maintaining unit documentation.
ICAO English Level 4 language proficiency, valid ATC license and valid relevant medical certificate
Proven ability to work in a complex, high density environment, unique to dans with respect to innovative procedures, e.g. RECAT, RRSM, APO, A-SMGCS, etc.
All aspects of aircraft performance relevant to communication, navigation and surveillance
General computer literacy (commercial PC software packages and smart applications)
Continuous ATC operational duties at the respective unit where specialist duties will take place.


Analytical skills
Working under pressure
Spatial awareness and problem solving skills
Team work skills
Good communication skills
Regulations / procedure writing experience would be beneficial