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tech group UAE
tech group UAE

Job Objectives:

  • Implement new strategies to increase the productivity
  • Maintain the current business relationships and forge new ones to increase the company overall performance
  • Transform the company in to one of the biggest players in the market

 Job Description:

  • Oversee daily operations for the business unit.
  • Insure the implementation of a strategy to grow the business.
  • Build the company image by collaborating with client, consultants, suppliers and employees
  • Insure the implementation of the business strategy to achieve the overall defined goals and objectives
  • Coordinate the development of key performance measurement tools
  • Insure overall delivery and quality of the projects.
  • Implement safe working environment in line with the standards and certifications
  • Oversee hiring
  • Evaluate and decide upon CAPEX and OPEX investments
  • Communicate strategy and results to the business unit’s employees.
  • Report key results to head office
  •  Engage with head office in strategy planning
  •  Enforcing ethical business practices in line with head office guidelines

 Output / Deliverables:

  • Increase the company revenue and profitability
  • Revise the company structure to achieve better performance
  • Implement quality and safety standards in line with the company certifications
  • Revise factory layout and commission idle equipment

 Education Required:

  • Engineering degree in architectural/Industrial/ Structural Studies

Experience Required:

  • 15 years on the aluminium and glass industry in UAE

Skill Set Required:

  • Decision making and strategic planning
  • Financial Planning and Strategy
  • Quality and safety management
  • Process improvement and performance management