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Expiry Date: 2018/07/02
Ref. JB3806517
Maximise sales and Profitability in the Business by providing effective planograms, managing assortments across stores by Territory/Department/Class/Sub-Class as responsible and ensuring inventory levels servicing minimum quantities to achieve or exceed sales targets set by the business

Branch Planning
Prepare a Planogram/Matrix for stores to which replenishment and allocation can be planned and managed
Managing stores and planning minimum quantities by SKU in line with planograms/matrices set
Continually review store sales, profitability, space, pricing, lifestyle etc. reviewing decisions on current assortments with the objective of giving a better solution of product to the customer’s needs
Providing feedback on findings to the merchandise teams i.e. Planning and Buying, shortages, sales information etc.

Building working relationships with Store managers identifying their needs and also providing information on key factors such as last pieces, items not selling, discontinued lines etc. allowing freshness into stores
Managing stores performance to budgets and working with Store Managers to resolve problems or exploit opportunitiesIn Season Management

Monitor Orders arrival into warehouse and ensure items are being displayed in the correct quantities where store planograms /Matrices have space/need (Daily)
Monitor Good and Bad selling Items to agreed parameters and propose actions to be taken (Weekly)
Ensuring space is created by continually monitoring sales of existing stock and clearing of discontinued lines and last pieces (Weekly)
Monitor Reports on Performance of Dept./Class/Subclass(where Applicable) to identify any exceptions to Sales, Stockholdings, Forward Covers, Inflows and propose actions on out of line situations to the Planners/Buyers in a monthly department meeting with action to be taken by the Planner (where Applicable) (weekly)
Ensure picks are running accurately and stock is arriving to stores in the correct manner
Check that all stock received in warehouses is allocated to stores, discuss out of line situations with the Planners and Buyers. (Weekly)Warehouse / Store Visits.
Visit warehouses and Stores on an agreed frequency to better understand commercial issues and the visual/practical displays enhancing your personal capability to make decisions on stock for that storeSystems Maintenance and Enhancement.