Dubai mall restaurants

Dubai Mall Restaurants

Best of Dubai Mall Restaurants

Being a part of the 20-billion-dollar Downtown complex, the Dubai mall is the world’s largest shopping, entertainment and leisure center with department stores, aquarium and a cinema sprawling across 1.1 million square meters. The mall has everything including electronics, books, candy or high fashion brands from the famous designers like Armani and Zara. There are almost 1200 retail outlets where you can sift through the latest collections from top designers like Versace, Stella McCartney, Burberry and Alexander McQueen, or you can visit the Dubai Aquarium, an Olympic-sized ice skating rink or the Boeing 737 flight simulator. The mall has been planned to expand by a further 93,000 square meters, and it will sooner welcome almost 100 million annual visitors.

Everybody feels famished after strolling for that die-hard shopping which makes dining an essential part of any shopping experience. Whether it is Continental, Local, Asian, Mediterranean or a variety of International cuisine, Dubai Mall has gone the extra mile to get the finest culinary sensations from around the globe. With almost 200 food outlets from fine dining to casual eateries, the restaurant provides an extensive variety of flavors, ambiance and price to suit all visitors.

Here are some of the most popular restaurants in the Dubai mall that should not be missed whenever you visit Dubai.

Al Hallab restaurant Dubai Mall

al hallab restaurant dubai mall
al hallab restaurant dubai mall

The restaurant is an inexpensive mall-based dining option with service and ambiance that lives up to the Dubai Mall standards. Located on the second floor of Dubai’s most favorite mall, Al Hallab offers a grand baroque-style interior and adequate food that will make you adore the whole experience if you love Arabian food, and if you get a table on the terrace, you can enjoy the magnificent view over the Dubai Fountain. The menu has everything that you would typically expect from a Lebanese restaurant with generous portions. Some of the recommendations are; the falafel that is crispy but soft in the middle, the perfectly consistent hummus with perfectly blackened mixed grills, the aromatic kibbeh with herbs complementing the minced lamb meat, the moist and tender shish tawook served with onion sprinkled on top along with crispy French fries.

Al Hallab is recommended if you’re looking for delicious Lebanese food with moderately good service, friendly staff and good value for money.
Location: 2nd Floor, Dubai Mall.

Galeries Lafayette Gourmet restaurant Dubai Mall

Galeries Lafayette Restaurant Dubai Mall
Galeries Lafayette Restaurant Dubai Mall

In the center of Dubai mall, Galeries Lafayette Gourmet offers a multi-national cuisine brunch featuring favorites from eight different kitchens including a sushi bar, a mozzarella bar, live carving stations and desserts bar, along with a LaFayette department store. Surrounded by aisles of indulgent, quality produce, it is the perfect destination for food connoisseurs that can choose from a menu that sprawls with cuisine from across the globe from the sushi. With a relaxed ambiance, the sleek and modern venue provides a brand-new approach to dining, with red sofas and dark stained wood tables within this open-plan eatery along with seating at counters.

Tantalize your senses with a menu that sprawls with a diverse range of international cuisine from across the globe, which includes Italian wood-fired oven pizzas, Indian tandoor and curries, sushi, Mediterranean salads, Spanish paella, Moroccan tajines, and even luxury gourmet foods such as caviar, oysters, and Foie gras. The restaurant’s signature scallops dish is also something to try and has a bar for the health conscious that offers a cleansing juice from the organic concept Bistro. The restaurant is fit for any occasion, whether it is a relaxed dinner, a quick business lunch, or a midday snack, you are guaranteed to enjoy the dining but at a higher rate.
Location: 2nd Floor, Dubai Mall, Dubai.

Carluccio’s restaurant Dubai Mall

This mall-based eatery is known for its simple, yet unique casual dining concept. At very reasonable prices, Carluccio’s offers authentic Italian flavors freshly prepared with the best ingredients sourced from Italy. The interior of this full-fledged restaurant, cafe, and food store is bright and cheerful where you find enthusiastic patrons catching up with family and friends over an authentic Italian feast for all. The dedicated staff team enhances a genuinely welcoming experience in a bustling and contemporary environment.

Carluccio’s is open throughout the day for delicious Italian breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The cafe counter exhibit an array of tantalizing desserts, and the barista feverishly pours out fragrant coffee in an assortment of concoctions and sizes. Being at Dubai’s one of the busiest malls, you can expect slightly slow service at times which gives you a good chance to order some of the bready starters from the menu. Recommended for appetizers are two of Carluccio’s most popular orders, the Tomato & Pesto Bread and the Tricolore Salad. The pumpkin tortelli is a great choice for vegetarians that is served in a chilli and butter sauce, whereas the Beef Medallions is also an excellent option for meat lovers that is char-grilled beautifully and served with rosemary potato wedges and a subtly sweet red pepper sauce. Carluccio’s is a great place to hang out with friends that offer authentic Italian flavors.
Location: Dubai Marina Mall, Doha St – Dubai

Texas Roadhouse restaurant Dubai Mall

The restaurant is full of American clichés including country music, neon lights, oak barrels, and horse saddle and cow boy hats. The casual and comfortable interior of the restaurant is a huge reminder of a country style house as it suits well to the concept of this brand. Texas Roadhouse tries to create a very comfortable environment for their customers and make it a fun and place where they can enjoy. Besides, waiters in this restaurant are energetic and welcoming and enthusiastic. While enjoying your meal, you will also get entertained with ol’ Texas style line dances on cue by the staff and some customers who want to join in.

When it comes to food, Texas Roadhouse will not disappoint you with their juicy buffalo wings lightly marinated with just the right amount of spices. Then there are delicious Rattlesnakes Bites with melted spicy jack cheese and jalapeño wrapped in crispy fried balls. The fact that they do not use frozen meat and beef is hand cut in restaurant daily, is something people love about the restaurant, and it makes sure that all the flavors and juices of beef remain intact while the food travels from farm to plate. The side dishes other than steaks are also made fresh from scratch, and everything is just right about beef, flavors, juiciness, tenderness and presentation. A visit to Texas Roadhouse with friends and family is highly recommended because the food is served in large portions and is of value if you have to share it.
Location: Fountain Restaurant Area, Lower Ground Level, Dubai Mall

Eataly restaurant Dubai Mall

With a lot of buzzing energy, Eataly is a temple of all things Italian created by Oscar Farinetti. The restaurant started providing high-quality Italian food in 2007, and the aim behind establishing this restaurant was to make Italian food available to everyone without costing much to their pockets. The environment is very informal and lively with an aura of a farmer’s market where customers can shop, taste and learn.

The restaurant has three different food sections including a cafe with the Nutella Bar that bring a very cozy environment where you can enjoy a little gossip and have coffee with friends. Following is their restaurant section where you can have supper from a different menu than the cafe, and the third section is their retail section where you can buy anything from a sauce to ravioli that you liked during your meal. The items for sale are displayed in the retail section.

For the food, the Salsiccia e funghi pizza with beef sausage, mozzarella and mushrooms is highly recommended as it is delicious and adequately moist. The reason their pizza is a lot easier to digest is because they only use fresh yeast for pizza dough and the dough is then left to set for 48 hours before the pizza is made. Burrata is one of the best dishes served in this restaurant, and it tastes even better if you eat it with fresh Bresaola and shaved Parmesan. Soft drinks are not served at the restaurant so you can enjoy their Minted Lemonade, which has a very garden-fresh taste. When it comes to dessert, you should never miss their Crepe or Nutella tart at the Nutella bar.
Eataly is definitely a must-visit place if you enjoy a light and lively ambiance with awesome Italian food which is less pricey as compared to fine dining restaurants in a very formal environment.
Location: Lower Ground Floor, Dubai Mall.