Dubai city tour

The Best Dubai City Tour!

Dubai has transformed from a desert city to a place that showcases ambitious and impressive creative construction projects. Due to these things the city has made its way into the bucket lists of every person around the globe. While in Dubai, there is a lot that you can do. In order to explore the city as much as you can, there are a number of fantastic tours that you can opt for. A few of these are mentioned here and what you can expect from them.

1. Dubai City Half-Day Sightseeing Tour:

This half-day tour lasts for around four and a half hours and starts with you being picked off from your hotel. You get into either an air-conditioned minivan or an air-conditioned coach to get to the very first stop of this tour. On the way, you will get to hear the history of Dubai from an expert guide that will accompany you throughout the tour.
The first stop is the Jumeirah Beach from where you can take exuberating pictures of the Burj Al-Arab hotel which remarkably stands at 321 meters tall. Here, you will be able to learn about the significance of the sail-shape of the hotel which makes the hotel one of the ‘must visit’ destinations in Dubai. The next thing on this tour is a drive through Jumeirah which ranks in one of the upscale residential districts of Dubai. Here, you will be able to see the plush hotels and villas and then continue onto the Al Bastakiya quarter where you can have a look at Dubai’s past by navigating through the mudbrick houses and courtyards with attached wind towers responsible for the circulation of the cooling breeze.

The next stop on the tour’s agenda is the Al Fahidi Fort, from the 18th century, which is not only where the Dubai Museum is located but is also the oldest building in Dubai. Meanwhile, your guide will tell you about the historical fortification. Then, you will board a water taxi, which is known as an abra, and enjoy the exotic beauty while crossing the Dubai Creek. Next, you will be taken to Deira where you can walk around the Spice Souk with your guide and enjoy the stalls of sweets, herbs, and perfumed spices. Then, you can head to the Gold Souk where you can explore the different jewelry and gold stores. Finally, your tour will come to an end with you being dropped back to your hotel. It is one of the best tours you can opt for in order to learn more about the city.

2. The afternoon tour:

Dubai is one of those metropolises around the world that provides hundreds of opportunities, bucket loads of exuberance, and great diversity. The afternoon tour is a specialized tour which tries to capture all of these things in one go by making you experience the best of the best places that Dubai has in store. This seven-hour long tour promises the discovery of cultural treasures, exploration of the intricacy of the architectural marvels, and the experience of the cosmopolitan vibe of Dubai while you visit a handful of the must-see destinations.
You will get to walk along the Bastakiya Quarter and make a quick stop at its art galleries and the insightful museums. Next, you can immerse yourself in the traditional bazaars or souks at Bastakiya before you move on to Jumeirah, which is one of the hotspots in Dubai. The main attractions that you will be visiting while you are in Jumeirah includes the Jumeirah Beach with its crystal clear striking water, the Jumeirah Mosque, the Palm Island which is truly one of a kind, and finally the Burj Al Arab. Next, you will have a drive through the Dubai Marina and the Mall of Emirates as well which will be followed by a sightseeing tour to downtown Dubai where you can see remarkably astounding landmarks such as the Dubai Fountain.

Now, let’s talk about the top three Dubai City tours are definitely worth checking out.

3. The top 5 attractions tour:

At the start of the tour, you are picked up from your hotel in a vehicle that is climate controlled. The first stop in this tour is the Saga World Dubai which is one of the standalone malls of Dubai where you will find only the finest masterpieces that have been created by humans. This Saga mall is also the only mall that can be compared to a museum due to its construction. The second stop is made for taking a photograph at the Hotel Burj Al-Arab which is a seven-star hotel. Your tour will then continue to the Dubai Marina where you will get on a cruise on the Dhow which is alongside the Dubai Marina. From this cruise, you will be able to treat your eyes to the fascinating skyscrapers and breathtaking landmarks while enjoying the soft drinks provided to you on board.
The next stop in this tour is Palm Jumeirah which is the biggest man-made island of the world. There will also be a photo stop at the famous classy Atlantis Hotel. The tour will then continue on to the Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa from where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the desert and of the city, unobstructed by any buildings. You will also be taken to the Gulf which is on the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa from where you can have a breathtaking view of Dubai in the nightlight. Once you have feasted your eyes on such a fantastic ordeal, you will be taken to the Armani hotel, one of the most desirable dining places in Dubai. Here you can enjoy the fusion buffet dinner included in this tour. From the terrace of this restaurant, you can also enjoy the famous dancing fountains. Finally, you will be taken back to your hotel.

4. Private Stopover tour:

If you have a stop-over at the Dubai Airport and you still have around 4 hours before you have to check-in or before you have to leave your hotel, then you should definitely choose the private stop-over tour. The best thing about this private tour is that you get to see the definite must-sees of Dubai which you get to choose yourself. All your tour guide does is accompany you to any place that you would like to see. You can go for the water Taxi, the Palm Island, the old souks, the Dubai Museum, etc. With the private tour, you can choose to drive to Palm Jumeirah whenever you want and snap photographs of the sophisticated Atlantis hotel, or you can enjoy the spectacular view of the Arabian Gulf with its blue water and then drive to the seven-star Burj Al Arab Hotel afterward. Then, you can choose to spend part of your time at the Dubai Museum to experience the history of Dubai like never before. If you have more time on your hands, then you can choose to go shopping at the large malls or you can look for souvenir shops around Dubai to take a piece of the emirate back with you. The trusty guide will help you along the way to make it a memorable experience.

5. Hop on hop off Big Bus tour:

This is an open top bus tour with which you can discover all of the renowned attractions of Dubai and learn about the transformation of the city from being a fishing village to a vibrant city that everyone wants to visit. The hop on hop off bus tour has a day tour as well as a night tour. In the day tour, you are provided with three tour routes accompanied with personally recorded commentary about all of the landmarks of Dubai. Since all of the tour routes have hop-on, hop off buses, you can hop-off at the tourist attraction that captures your interest the most. The night tour allows you to be in awe of the amazingness that is offered by the city when it lights up beautifully at night.

So, if you plan to visit Dubai and want to visit all of the places to make for a memorable vacation, then make sure to make use of these recommended tours. The Top 5 attraction tour, The Hop on hop off Big Bus tour, and Private stopover tour are definitely worth experiencing.