Companies in Dubai

The Best Companies in Dubai

Dubai is a famous city positioned on the northern shoreline of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is densely populated, and one of the most popular tourism hubs in the world. The city is famous for amazing shopping malls, being an international sector, as well as a supreme business center. It is also a major shipping core around the world.
Over the years, Dubai has experienced a growth in its business sector, with many investors showing interest in the city. The companies in Dubai cover a lot of things. The business and marketing in the city is not merely dependent on oil and gas companies and has expanded into banking, airlines, international commerce, information technology, substructure, and tourism. The standards of all businesses have helped companies in Dubai make a name around the globe. If you’re interested in knowing more about all the companies in Dubai, then you’ve come to the right place!

Famous companies in Dubai

As marketing is rapidly flourishing in the city, and covers a lot of business sectors. Let’s go over the best ones.

1. Puthran Chartered Accountants

Puthran Chartered Accounts company in DubaiPuthran chartered accountant is primarily an accountant firm in Dubai. It is a mushrooming moderate-sized firm in the United Arab Emirates. It assists clients in numerous projects regarding business and economic objectives which lead them toward profitability. The company was authorized back in 1987. The business policy of PAS ensures a constant approach between customers and collaborators. Complete professional maintenance, fundamental management instructions, and decision support mechanism are the significant factors the company offers.

2. Pegasus Agriculture

Pegasus Agriculture company in DubaiPegasus Agriculture governs hydroponic farming competence in the United Arab Emirates and North Africa. It is one of the leading agricultural corporations. It is striving to enhance the quantity of food specifically in North Africa. The main head office of Pegasus Agriculture is present in Dubai, and it has several headquarters around the globe to help flourish it internationally. The company aims to acquire self-reliant food security. Pegasus Agriculture group is striving to assist the Gulf countries to introduce leading farming techniques based on technology that yields fresh vegetables and fruits.

3. Imagenius FX

Imagenius FX company in DubaiImagenius FX is one of the most famous animation companies in Dubai striving to produce inspiring perception and vision to serve Middle Eastern real estate manufactory. The company uses advanced technology and offers animations, complete interactive solutions, apprehension and interior designing to clients. Imagenius FX is serving its customers by introducing comprehensive computer graphics and presentation strategies which assist them to promote real estate crusades. The company is serving architectural firms around the globe to support them in developing their designs in photorealistic style. The company’s vast list of customers includes Pulte Real Estate Development, Marriot International, and Emaar Real Estate, among others.

4. Ace Diving & Marine Services

Ace Diving & Marine Services Company in DubaiAce Diving & Marine Services is the top notch provider of marine development and framework support assistance. It offers 24 hours services. These services include great safety and quality programs that ensure the satisfaction of its clients. The company can resolve unique problems quickly and efficiently. The company provides management teams and quick services for individual programs as well. Ace Diving & Marines Services has a group of tenders, Marine captains, divers, and supervisors assisted by expert training and safety staff. The company aims to produce exciting and challenging environments to offer its customers quality solutions. The company is always eager to introduce innovations and excellence in the business sector.

5. Al Ortwaziah Water Well Drilling

Al Ortwaziah is one of the best drilling companies in Dubai. It was inaugurated in 1990. The team of geological engineers, working for this company, is providing their apical quality services to assist their customers regarding water well drilling. The company uses highest quality drilling machines which can drill to 150 meters, and are helpful to execute mega projects. Al Ortwaziah has expert mentors providing their best services to their clients. The company also has numerous other drills to meet the needs of their customers.

6. Emitech Technical Services LLC

Business and marketing in Dubai are growing on a daily basis. When talking about famous companies in Dubai, Emitech Technical Services LLC needs to be mentioned. It is primarily an engineering company in the city. It is a productive organization which offers a broad range of best engineering solutions to their clients. They are providing quality services to their customers which ensure their satisfaction. Emitech strives to provide its assistance at an agreeable price and meeting all of its deadlines. The company is adopting innovative technologies to offer value-added engineering stock and excellent services to its clients.

7. Intelligent Marketing Solutions

There are many event companies in Dubai. However, Intelligent Marketing Solutions is one of the leading event businesses in the city which designs unique event apprehension and themes. Its services include logistical, technical, and creative elements which are necessary to make an event successful as well as memorable. The company takes into account the demands of their customers and then adds its original touch to make an event outstanding. IMS also offers a broad range of entertainment solutions for many events.
Though the above-mentioned companies in Dubai are famous, the three businesses mentioned below do stand out from the rest due to impeccable services.

8. Safety Equipment by JBG Group

JBG Group Dubai is one of the best corporations to provide safety services and equipment around the globe. What does safety equipment mean? It relates to different items for human safety in different environments. The JBG Safety Group offers a broad range of durable and high-quality safety products which ensures the satisfaction of their numerous customers. Committees and JBG Safety Group work together to introduce innovation and technology based equipment for customers to raise the standard of the company and maintain customer safety.

9. MGT International Dubai

Oil & gas are the basic energy resources for domestic and industrial purposes. There are many oil and gas corporations in the city. MGT International is one of the top notch gas businesses in Dubai. MGT International started in 1988 and is one of the major suppliers. MGT has a chain of other industries to enhance its services around the globe such as U.N Red Crescent NGO’s World militarize, and other international institutions.

10. Jafza – Jebel Ali Free Zone

There are many governmental organizations in Dubai. Jafza – Jebel Ali is a well-known government company. It was founded in 1985, having 19 companies at that time. Over the years, it expanded to 7000 companies. The company offers remarkable framework solutions for logistic and sustainable industries. The company strives to create well-developed communities along with impressive improvements in financial performance. Jafza and its employees are always working to build rewarding environments for clients. The company conducts seminars & workshops to indulge its customers in sharing valuable experiences.

There are numerous companies in Dubai that cover different business sectors. All of the firms mentioned in the list offer high standards of services to clients. However, JBG Group, MGT International, and Jafza – Jebel Ali Free Zone are the best three.