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Century Mall Dubai


Century Mall Dubai Shops
Century Mall Dubai Shops

Century Mall Dubai is a shopping and entertainment complex that was developed by the Al Safeer Group. The closest accommodation to the mall is the Movenpick Hotel Apartments in Al Mamzar. The mall is open daily between 1000 am and 1100 pm Sunday to Wednesday and opens until 1145 Thursday to Saturday. The Mall is full of specialty stores with a comprehensive range for busy shoppers and also provides entertainment and restaurants within the mall. The mall is smaller than other malls because it caters for the locals. For example there is a Carrefoure supermarket where you can do all your grocery shopping and a shoes4us for value footwear. So if you are a price conscious tourist then it is the ideal place for you.


If you are driving to Century Mall Dubai there is plenty of parking available onsite, just make a note of where you have parked, as it is easy to lose the car in the parking station.

The Mall opens at 10 am, and if you are not sure how long you will be at the mall then consider taking a tour or getting on the Hop-on Hop-off bus to reach it.

When inside the mall there is every type of shop available, from designer wear for both men and women, and children’s wear. Lots of providers and fruit shops, homeware and linen. You can easily spend a day browsing there and enjoying the cool interior of the center.

When lunchtime comes there is a wide variety of dining choices where you can relax and enjoy the food.


Fun City is an award-winning center for kids at Century Mall Dubai and this is where parents can have some fun with their children. Those who live in the UAE will be familiar with the entertainment and the kids love it.

One of the main reasons to visit Century Mall Dubai is the range of fashion stores, this is a place where you will find your favorite brands without the crowds found in other places. Giordano, a fashion label with several local stores can be found here. offering affordable outfits to both men and women.

Red Tag is known in the UAE offering accessories and clothing to both men and women and is famous for its locally inspired collection. Red Tag is a label by Myriam Fares who lives in the UAE and launched her own clothing label.

The Parisian label Pierre Cardin is also present in the Mall. The brand offers high-fashion suits for men and women. Perfume and accessories are aimed at both sexes. This luxury shop has a huge following in UAE.

The Hypermarket (Carrefor) is the place to stock up on groceries, fresh fruit, and vegetables. Whenever I travel, I check out this type of store to compare it with home! it is a store with everything and a one-stop shop for all your grocery needs, buy some dates they taste amazing in Dubai.


Various restaurants and cafes are inside the mall, and you will want to try a few while holidaying in Dubai. A favorite is Afrina Iranian Sweets, known for Iranian ice cream, cakes, and faloodah. The Iranian deserts have to be seen to be believed, and you will want to sample them with coffee.

If you would like to try a curry, Indian street foods prevail in Hyderabadi Dum Biryani located in the level 1 food court, Vegetarian Biryani makes a great lunch. The food in Dubai is sensational and was one of my greatest pleasures when traveling. There is a KFC but you don’t travel all the way to Dubai to eat KFC, do you?


If you are searching for a unique piece of jewelry this is the place to find it, and the right gold chain will be much cheaper than it is at home. Dubai is known for its value in jewelry and this mall does not disappoint. Duty-free stores can often show you some lovely jewelry and perfume to take home when you leave. The duty-free stores also have alcohol to take home for friends and family.


No holiday is complete without a trip to a salon. You will find the Afrina beauty salon in Century Mall Dubai. It offers all the usual treatments including haircuts and waxing and skincare. When we fly our skin becomes extremely dry and treatment will help to rehydrate the skin by replacing the moisture. It also helps to drink a lot of water as the climate is hot.

Gabiano is a salon for men offering haircuts and beard care, coloring advice, and services are also offered. Many men need skin treatment also.

The Nail Bar is another essential service when we are traveling, ask the pharmacy to direct you to the nail bar as it won’t be far away.

Banking can be a problem when we travel, but in Century Mall Dubai the banking services are numerous and accessible, some of these include

* Zen Zero Payment Service
* First Gulf Exchange Center
* Union National Bank

in fact, there are more, so shop around to get your best rate of exchange, but stay within the mall to remain safe.

You will feel very safe when shopping in Century Mall Dubai, and it is usually not terribly crowded so you don’t feel jostled and pushed as you do in other cities.


If you are doing a lot of walking the UAE is very safe, but the heat means that it is better to walk early or late, and not in the middle of the day.

Once you are in the mall you can walk around all day, in the cool air conditioned air.

The Lotus Grand Hotel is nearby if you are searching for accommodation, and is reasonably priced. Having a local hotel enables you to rest between shopping expeditions. To me, some of the best shopping in the world is found in Dubai, and if you are traveling to Europe it is a great place to stop for a few days of retail therapy and sightseeing.


There is so much to see in UAE, and Century Mall Dubai is certainly a worthplace to shop at as part of your trip. However, it might be better to stop off here before you return home, this way you can make the most of the retail therapy and take it straight home without adding extra weight to your luggage. if you are a fashionista there are plenty of designer brands to be found in the mall, with the lovely designer shops and photo opportunities.

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