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Career Opportunities: ATC Assistant – UAE Nationals (54125)
Serco Middle East is looking for a highly motivated, enthusiastic and analytical UAE National for our Air Traffic Control Assistant (ATCA) role based in Sharjah Aviation. The Air Traffic Control Assistant (ATCA) role is a varied one, as the job title covers many different positions; Control Tower, Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) and Meteorological Services (Met).

The ATCA shall maintain the operational 24H timing and provide operational support to the Duty Air traffic Controller to ensure all aircraft’s receive a safe, expeditious and effective service.
An ATCA shall also ensure all data/information pertaining to AIS and Flight Planning is authentic for the safety, regularity and efficiency to the international civil aviation standards.
Additionally is responsible for the undertaking of surface meteorological observations and surface synoptic observations.

Structure and reporting relationship

The ATCAs sit within the operational team of the Organisation Chart.

The ATCA reports directly to the Manager Air Traffic Support Services.

Key accountabilities

To carry out procedures connected with the Briefing Room, to include:
Manage, correct and disseminate flight plans and other flight associated messages using the Consort Solutions Aeronautical Data Access System (CADAS);
Obtain information to meet the need for pre-flight information service and in-flight information service;
On behalf of the Airport Authority send Notices to Airmen (NOTAM(s)) and disseminate via Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network (AFTN) and/or Email;
Coding and Decoding in-coming and out-going NOTAM;
Monitor the validity of incoming and outgoing NOTAM and maintain check list of incoming and outgoing NOTAM;
Update aeronautical information of all OMSJ NOTAMs to all airport agencies via Email;
Liaising with Tower to ensure all Air Traffic Control staff are aware of aircraft movements;
Update Aeronautical Publications;
Answering the telephone and intercoms and processing essential information in a prompt and accurate manner.

To carry out procedures connected with the Air Traffic Control Tower, to include:

Assists Duty Air Traffic Controller when requested, especially during Emergencies and low visibility operations;
Prepare flight progress strips, update and manage flight plans (FPL);
Liaise with Airport Operations reference aircraft parking;
Provide the Air Traffic Controller with flight data;
Record flight movement data into flight information and display systems;
Liaise with other operational departments and coordinate with other Air Traffic Units reference start up clearances;
Providing information to internal and external emergency services;
Complete standard templates as per the ATCA & Met Ops Manuals, carry out administrative duties, deal with internal and external inquiries;
Keep necessary legislative and internal documentation up to date or archived;
Co-ordinate with Briefing.

To carry out procedures connected with Meteorological Services Air Traffic Control Tower, to include:

Utilise the AWOS 7 system to prepare and disseminate routine meteorological reports (METAR / METREP/ SYNOPs) and non-routine reports (SPECI / SPECIAL) for the aerodrome;
Complete the verification process to check and correct meteorological reports and enter data into the climate record sheets;
Utilise the Visual Weather system to retrieve forecast information required to compile flight documentation for airlines operating from Sarah Airport;
Distribute Weather Warnings (Aerodrome & SIGMET) to ATC and other agencies as per the distribution lists;
Compiling and transmitting weather reports.

To carry out general procedures connected with the role of an ATCA, to include:

Comply with staff instructions and administrative rules pertaining to conduct in the Operational area;
Answering the telephone and intercoms and processing essential information in a prompt and accurate manner;
Communicating with outside agencies on various aviation related matters;
Reporting equipment unserviceability to the relevant parties and initiating the corrective call-out procedure;
Updating the Watch log and other operational and technical logs and reports as necessary;
Assisting the SATCA with document control and other safety management related tasks;
Maintaining a good working knowledge of ATS, AIS and MET related regulations and documentation;
Undertake other non-routine tasks, as designated by management, to maintain operational services required for the smooth running of ATC, AIS and MET.
Essential technical and professional skills, knowledge and qualifications

Higher Secondary School Level;
Achieve excellent standards of customer service;
Excellent IT skills;
Attention to detail;
Ability to work in a team;
Ability to think fast, have a good memory and make quick decisions;
The ability to multitask, prioritising as required;
Good communication and organisation abilities;
To interpret and analyse data/information;
Ability to stay calm under pressure and also be stress resistant;
Should be able and willing to adapt;
Should be service-oriented, and have good spatial orientation;
Interest in the aviation industry.