11 Favourite Malls in Dubai

Some of the better lesser known malls in Dubai

Dubai is home to some of the best and most well-known malls, making it the most popular and visited city in the world. Every year, millions of visitors arrive in Dubai and are in awe of the shopping culture. Tourists indulge in the lavish shopping lifestyle. Well, who doesn’t love shopping?

Let’s go over some of the favorite malls of Dubai that most of you may not have heard about.

Souk al Bahar

Souk Al Bahar Mall Dubai
Souk Al Bahar Mall Dubai

Souk Al Bahar has you covered if you favor the conventional over the contemporary. A contemporary take on a conventional Middle Eastern bazaar is Souk Al Bahar. This well-known center, located in the city, mixes food, shopping, and entertainment. Souk Al Bahar, which in Arabic means “market of the sailor,” is located by the water in Downtown Dubai.

You can also take a boat ride from here: Take a night abra ride around Souk al Bahar on the Burj Khalifa lake as a break from the shopping.

Under one roof, this mall provides a wide range of high-quality products, from restaurants to clothing to dried fruits to fragrances. It boasts stunning views of the Dubai Fountain and the Burj Khalifa and is home to over 100 stores, 22 restaurants, cafés, and lounges. This traditional souk in Downtown Dubai is the ideal location if you’re looking to purchase a traditional present such as hand-woven fabrics, expensive gold jewelry, traditional oud scents, and inexpensive trinkets.

Sunset Mall

Sunset Mall Jumeirah Dubai
Sunset Mall Jumeirah Dubai

Sunset Mall Dubai, which is situated on Jumeirah Beach Road, is a true one-stop shopping center. Dubai Investment Properties LLC owns Sunset Mall. Sunset Mall is a privately held real estate company that has been established to cater to the tastes of everyone who lives, works, and plays in Jumeirah.

A variety of brands that satisfy your daily necessities and weekend shopping ambitions are housed on the upper two floors of this medium-sized mall. The mall offers a distinctive combination of retail shops, eateries, and services, all in a beautiful position next to Kite Surf Beach.

Reef Mall

Reef Mall Dubai
Reef Mall Dubai

The emirate is home to numerous smaller shopping centers that each have a unique appeal and cater to the needs of nearby communities. Reef Mall, like other shopping malls in the area, offers national and international brands in addition to being in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Dubai.

In addition to finding high-quality goods, you can also locate stores that sell goods for reasonable costs. Enter this well-known shopping center to find fantastic restaurants, cozy cafes, exciting places to take kids for entertainment, and more.

Al Mullah Plaza

One of the first shopping malls in Dubai was Al Mullah Plaza. The mall, which is located along the route connecting Dubai and Sharjah, was built about 20 years ago, when the emirate was beginning to transform into the contemporary metropolis we are familiar with today.

This mall is regarded as one of the top shopping locations in the world and features the biggest mall in the world, vibrant souks, and an abundance of gold shops. Even though it may not be the largest, it is nonetheless regarded as a preferred location for many locals to buy their daily necessities.

Bin Sougat Centre

The Bin Sougat Group constructed the Bin Sougat Centre in 2000 to provide inhabitants of Al Rashidiya’s suburbs with enticing food and leisure options. Residents of the Al Rashidiya neighborhood in Dubai can readily visit the Bin Sougat Centre due to its handy location along Airport Road.

The mall has a total internal space of 145,000 square feet and offers a variety of stores, eateries, cafes, electronics, hairdressers, and more. The city is renowned for having convenient access to everything locals need. The Bin Sougat Centre, a one-stop shop for the best shops, eateries, and services, is one such neighborhood shopping destination.

Lamcy Plaza

Amid Dubai’s downtown, in the Oud Metha neighborhood, which is immediately south of Bur Dubai, the city’s original core, Lamcy Plaza is incontestably impossible to miss. This shopping center is owned by Lal’s group and has 400,000 square feet.

The Lamcy Plaza is home to a wide range of goods from well-known national and local businesses. Additionally, there are pharmacies, money exchanges, dining establishments, and athletic stores that may meet the demands of the whole family.

Al Khaleej Centre

Bur Dubai is home to the shopping center known as Al Khaleej Centre. The complex has a parking lot on the bottom floor as well as about 100 shops and eateries.

Similar to other malls in Dubai, Al-Khaleej is home to a variety of technology stores and brands. The food court has a wide selection of cuisines and the surrounding environment may be admirably seen from the panoramic windows.

Naif Souq

Naif Souq is a lively marketplace full of retail activity situated in one of Dubai’s busiest residential and commercial districts. Originally a camel market, Naif Souq has evolved into a major retail location for clothing, leather goods, electronics, and much more.

This ancient market underwent numerous rounds of restorations to get the lovely arabesque façade it has now. The Naif Souq market in Dubai now resembles more of a mall than a traditional market with about 200 shops selling a variety of goods.

Al Ghazal Mall

Al Ghazal Mall, which is adjacent to the homes in Al Satwa, may not be as magnificent as some of the other shopping areas in Dubai, but it still draws a lot of bargain seekers because of its extensive selection, welcoming atmosphere for families, and boutique shops.

The mall has one of Dubai’s largest supermarkets, Carrefour, along with 72 stores, numerous eateries, and 300 parking spaces. Visitors have the opportunity to shop, eat, and have fun at Al Ghazal Mall in the heart of Dubai.

The Dubai mall Zabeel

The nine-story retail building is next to Dubai Mall and is connected to it by by an air-conditioned footbridge so that customers may tour the mall or just use the 3,000 parking spaces. The largest mall in the world and a popular tourist destination has undergone an exciting expansion with the Dubai Mall Zabeel.

The Dubai Mall Zabeel, which has space for 63 outlets, offers a variety of stores, eateries, and family-friendly locations that are completely exclusive to the neighborhood.

Uptown Mirdiff

The uptown mirdiff mall is a small shopping centre with outdoor stores that the locals use to shop in.There are a couple of restaurants here such as Sushi Nation and Tuk Tuk Thai nation as well coffee shops such as Caribou Coffee and a Lebanese coffee shop, the Al Hakawati Café.

This is a pleasant mall with European style architecture that includes fountains, benches and courtyards.

Final Words on the favourite malls in Dubai

The abundance of malls in Dubai is what distinguishes it from other holiday destinations in the middle east and the world. It is a “Global Shopping Destination.” So if you visit Dubai, by all means go to the main malls and attractions but how about visiting these lesser known malls. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.