Riverland Dubai – The story so far

riverland Dubai
riverland Dubai
riverland Dubai

This is a man made river within a theme park. It is 1km long and it is a recreation of a typical Western European river bank area such as the Seine.

Now that it has opened, tourists are able to do all the things that French riverbank tourists do such as take boat rides down the river and enjoy a drink, a coffee or a meal at one of the river’s planned cafes, bars and restaurants.

The entrance to the streets are paved with cobblestones and lined with trees. It has replicated a typical 17th century French village with buildings on the way to the river banks.

A surprising number of tourists from China and Russia has added to the expected numbers to see a quaint recreation of a riverbank scene. Middle eastern visitors have been fascinated with the novelty of lush green riverbanks and boating on an inland patch of flowing water which is a scarce scene in Dubai. Add to that the novelty of antique European buildings and there should be lots to attract non-European visitors here.

It will connect the major parts of the Dubai park and resort and will also connect it to Legoland’s water park.

Inside riverland there are plans for 50 restaurants and retail shops. There will also be street entertainment of various sorts including open air theatre.

Crossing the river is by a large footbridge with a high clearance for the passing of anticipated luxury yachts.

Riverland has seen an 84% business occupancy rate which means it has been a reasonable success.