Dubai Shopping

Top 10 places for Dubai shopping

Getting to experience Dubai shopping is almost at the top of every tourist’s to-do list when they visit the city. For many, the Dubai shopping experience is one of the best a person can ever hope to get. There are many great malls in Dubai, having several attractions inside them including shops that are suitable for all budgets, entertainment, fun, and other activities. Since Dubai is a place with hot weather, people prefer to spend more time in these malls rather than strolling outside. So, if you happen to visit the city and want to get a taste of Dubai shopping then here are the top 10 places you should definitely check out.

1. Deira City Centre

The Deira City Centre is situated at the beachfront and is famous for its welcoming facilities. The salesmen usually welcome their customers with a smile and bottles of water to help relieve from the hot weather they’ve encountered. The center includes more than 350 stores with a variety of products such as clothing, jewelry, electronics, and more. Furthermore, it has over 40 different restaurants which allow people to taste the food they prefer. Shuttle buses are run to and from more than 10 major hotels for easy transport to this location. Over 20 million people visit the Deira City Centre per year including tourists and residents themselves. It was one of first large malls to open in Dubai and thus, a place you should definitely visit.

2. Jumeirah Plaza

The Jumeirah Plaza is amongst the most accessible malls to visit in Dubai. It is located near some of the most main and famous hotels. It is also one of the older malls present in the city. It opened back in 1994 and over the years it has proved its staying power in front of other competitors. It also has one of the best international branded stores. There are also a number of restaurants, offices, furnished apartments, and even a hotel. An exhibition center is also present that hosts several events throughout the year. Tourists prefer shopping at the Plaza to avoid other crowded malls.

3. Al-Ghurair Centre

Al-Ghurair Centre is one of those shopping centers that have all kinds of fashion brands for visitors. It includes stores that have local fashion wear too. The shopping center comprises of all types of exclusive materials such as lavish silks and best quality textiles. Moreover, there is a separate section for accessories and cosmetics. The mall has a big cinema next to it that screens all types of movies including Hollywood and Bollywood titles. It also a kids’ club that is run by diligent employees. You can easily leave your kids at the Kid’s Club and shop while having the guarantee that your kids are in safe hands.

4. Wafi Shopping Mall

The Wafi Mall is another awesome mall you should check out if you want to experience Dubai shopping. It consists of over 300 stores and is best known for its wide range of artwork. There are pieces of art that are modern along with ones that are inspired by the past. You will also get to see a lot of relics. The mall hosts many galleries from where people can buy their favorite art pieces and take them back to their homeland. The artwork featured in this mall is from both local as well as international artists.

5. Mercato Shopping Mall

Mercato, meaning market in Italian, is the first themed mall in the entire Middle East and UAE. It is inspired by a typical revitalization concept of architecture comprising of cultural Italian, Spanish, and French art. It portrays the look of the Mediterranean towns during the old European era. Mercato is situated in the Jumeirah residential area. It has most of the top international branded stores that are excellent for shopping. Inside is a Fun City for children where they can play instead of getting cranky and bored while their parents shop for the things they like.

6. LBN Battuta Mall

The LBN Battuta Mall is the world’s largest themed shopping mall. LBN Battuta was a popular Arabic explorer after whom this mall is named. The mall is historically very informative and is excellent for shopping for both locals and tourists. It is divided into six different courts and each represents the region explored by LBN Battuta such as Egypt, India, China, Tunisia, Andalusia, and Persia Court. The mall has over 250 shops, 50 restaurants, and even a cinema screen. A large exhibition center, known as the China court, hosts several events throughout the year in this establishment.

7. Festival Centre

The Festival Centre is situated on the banks of the Dubai creek. It consists of many retail outlet stores like Marks & Spencer and even Toys R Us. It has more than 60 restaurants inside along with a 250-metre wide yacht club. The attractive port has many luxury yachts. The Canal Walk is a path along the waterside for you to take with your family in order to enjoy an awesome walk. You can also enjoy the view of the harbor while visiting the many shops present on the ground level in the Festival Centre. The Centre features a skywalk that spreads over the total area of the shopping center and it is not something to be missed by tourists. At the skywalk, you can play tenpin bowling, indulge in a healthy dose of exercise, or even watch a movie up there. Also, there is a karaoke lounge located where you can enjoy the best karaoke!

While these malls are one of the best for you to visit, here are the top three recommendations for some splendid Dubai shopping.

8. The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is a place for the best shopping and entertainment experience for visitors and even the residents of Dubai. It has more than 1200 shops and outstanding attractions. You will get to see modern shopping once you step inside! Along with shopping, it has an area that offers ice-skating. It is one of the greatest malls in Dubai when it comes to the number of high-class restaurants, multiple cinema screens, and even a topnotch aquarium. The mall has all sorts of designer stores and you will definitely get to find the items you have been looking for.

9. Mall of the Emirates

The Mall of the Emirates can be considered as a shopping resort. It was opened back in 2005 and is the best place for shopping, entertainment, and leisure. The mall comprises of more than 500 retail stores, a family entertainment center, and a fun Magic Planet for kids. Furthermore, the mall has cinemas with very comfortable and luxurious seats. Ski-Dubai, an indoor ski slope, is also part of this mall. It even has hotels for tourists to stay in. Around 30 million people are known to visit this mall every year. The Mall of the Emirates has plans for further expansion with new stores, customer links, and parking spaces.

10. Burjuman Centre

Burjuman Centre has all the best brands of fashion and luxury one can ask for including Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Bvlgari, and more. It is the one of the most lavish shopping centers in Dubai. This mall also has stores that offer other publically famous brands like DKNY, Aldo, and Guess. The Burjuman Centre is divided into two portions; the old and the new one. The old part has all the expensive branded stores along with a play area for kids and a fountain. There are sunny courtyards and impressive gardens which provide an outdoor sensation while shopping inside the mall. The new part is where you will get to find stores that offer items at a more affordable rate. This vast shopping center consists of many restaurants and cafes for people to enjoy a little break from their shopping.

So, if you want to do some Dubai shopping the visit these listed malls, with The Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, and Burjuman Centre being highly recommended.