Bastakiya Dubai
Bastakiya Dubai
Bastakiya Dubai

Bastakiya is a heritage village that has been more renovated rather than restored. But you still get a feeling of what the old Dubai is like.

Bastakiya is filled with old but restored cafes, souvenir shops, art galleries. Lovingly restored and the area is very clean. The buildings have wind towers at the top that ventilates the building when the wind blows. Beware of the pushy salesman. Full of small restaurants that sell local traditional food. Lots of twisty turny side streets and alleyways. It is right on Dubai creek and the cafes and restaurants face out onto the water. Baastakiya is a very tranquill area of a by gone age. Best to visit by taxi because there is no parking. Also easily accessible by water taxi known as Abras. Heritage house at 3 dirhams entrance fee ,Malis gallery, coin museum and shaikh rashid centre are the places to visit here. To the south is a restaurant that sells camel burgers and camel milk shakes. Visit before 5pm when everything is open

The city walls are the original city walls, whereas the rest of Bastakiya has been renovated to replicate the crumbling remains of the original structures.

Al Ghubaiba Metro Station (Green Line) is a short walk away and is probably the easiest way to get here.


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