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Bastakiya Dubai

Bastakiya Dubai

Bastakiya is a heritage village that has been more renovated rather than restored. But you still get a feeling of what the old Dubai is like.

Bastakiya is filled with old but restored cafes, souvenir shops, art galleries. Lovingly restored and the area is very clean. The buildings have wind towers at the top that ventilates the building when the wind blows. Beware of the pushy salesman. Full of small restaurants that sell local traditional food. Lots of twisty turny side streets and alleyways. It is right on Dubai creek and the cafes and restaurants face out onto the water. Baastakiya is a very tranquill area of a by gone age. Best to visit by taxi because there is no parking. Also easily accessible by water taxi known as Abras. Heritage house at 3 dirhams entrance fee ,Malis gallery, coin museum and shaikh rashid centre are the places to visit here. To the south is a restaurant that sells camel burgers and camel milk shakes. Visit before 5pm when everything is open

The city walls are the original city walls, whereas the rest of Bastakiya has been renovated to replicate the crumbling remains of the original structures.

Al Ghubaiba Metro Station (Green Line) is a short walk away and is probably the easiest way to get here.


Jul 23

Riverland Dubai – The story so far

riverland Dubai

riverland Dubai

This is a man made river within a theme park. It is 1km long and it is a recreation of a typical Western European river bank area such as the Seine.

Now that it has opened, tourists are able to do all the things that French riverbank tourists do such as take boat rides down the river and enjoy a drink, a coffee or a meal at one of the river’s planned cafes, bars and restaurants.

The entrance to the streets are paved with cobblestones and lined with trees. It has replicated a typical 17th century French village with buildings on the way to the river banks.

A surprising number of tourists from China and Russia has added to the expected numbers to see a quaint recreation of a riverbank scene. Middle eastern visitors have been fascinated with the novelty of lush green riverbanks and boating on an inland patch of flowing water which is a scarce scene in Dubai. Add to that the novelty of antique European buildings and there should be lots to attract non-European visitors here.

It will connect the major parts of the Dubai park and resort and will also connect it to Legoland’s water park.

Inside riverland there are plans for 50 restaurants and retail shops. There will also be street entertainment of various sorts including open air theatre.

Crossing the river is by a large footbridge with a high clearance for the passing of anticipated luxury yachts.

Riverland has seen an 84% business occupancy rate which means it has been a reasonable success.

Jul 23

Bateaux Dubai: Couple’s Package



Bateaux Dubai do a dinner cruise for couples. For a very special evening with your husband or partner the romantic couple’s package on Bateaux Dubai will give you an experience that will live in your heart forever. Step on board the luxury vessel where a chef will welcome you on board then embark on a captivating culinary cruise past the night lights of Dubai Creek. In addition to a superb five-course dinner, you’ll enjoy a bottle of champagne and unlimited alcoholic house beverages. Tea, coffee, chocolates and a personalised red velvet cake are also included.

Details of the Offer:

  • Sightseeing cruise 2.5 hours long
  • Non-alcoholic welcome drink
  • Canapés
  • Personal welcome by the Chef
  • Five-course personalised menu
  • Glass of bubbly, unlimited alcoholic house beverages
  • Tea or coffee with chocolates
  • Heart-shaped red velvet cake with your message (must be requested in advance)
  • Special gift from Bateaux Dubai
  • Cruise from 8.30 pm to 11 pm

This special package is AED 1,300 per couple (alcohol is extra at AED 1,100).

Dec 03

Airline Operators Slowly Moving to Dubai South

Dubai-world-centralThe Dubai government is sponsoring a $3 billion finance deal for its new airport Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) which will become Dubai’s premier airport. Emirates Airline will be based there starting in 2025. Dubai will schedule 146 million passengers per year by that date.

On the commercial side DWC is focussing on cargo, logistics and business aviation.
Khalifa Al Zaffin, of Dubai Aviation City Corporation said, “Under the proposed financing arrangement, coordinated by Department of Finance for the Government of Dubai, Investment Corporation of Dubai and Dubai Aviation City Corporation, the three parties will work jointly to raise financing from various liquidity sources, both conventional and Islamic. HSBC is acting as financial advisor,” it said.


Dubai Airport DXBDubai International Airport (DXB) was the world’s largest international airport in 2015, with 78 million passengers.
“Dubai remains firmly committed to the development of the Al Maktoum International Airport [DWC] and to the growth of the global aviation sector, and this initial $3 billion transaction to support Dubai’s ambitious 2025 passenger capacity targets is testament to our belief,” said chairman of Dubai’s Supreme Fiscal Committee HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, who also is chairman of Emirates.

Although it started operations in April, the new VIP Terminal is to open officially on the first day of the MEBAA show.
Until bizjet movements in Dubai as a whole exceed 20,000, only five FBO operators are expected to operate at DWC: DC Aviation Al Futtaim, Jet Aviation, ExecuJet, Jetex Flight Support and Falcon Aviation.

MEBAA’s Views

mebaa-middle east business aviation associationMEBAA chairman Ali Alnaqbi said the VIP Terminal (Dubai South) was already active at DWC
“MEBAA’s views have been clear for a long time. Business aviation likes to have confidentiality and privacy. That’s always been the case as far as operating private and business aviation is concerned,” he said.

“Dubai South [officials] have their own plans. We have to respect their wishes. They still have plans to operate more than one FBO at that terminal. Obviously there are two now and there may be room for one or two more.”

He said things were going in the right direction. “MEBAA is very supportive of Dubai South, and they are working with us. There is a plan, but plans could always change because this is a huge airport. The plans for real estate are amazing. The plans continue to change, but we have operators and they continue to come.”
Only five FBOs are be allowed for now. “There is an agreement that they will not allow more than five operators before 20,000 flights are achieved at the airport. The total number of business aviation flights at DXB and DWC is headed to 10,000. They will not issue licenses to other operators until the number of flights exceeds 20,000 a year. That is what Dubai South are saying,” he said.

execujet aviation groupMike Berry, vice president Middle East at ExecuJet Aviation Group, agreed. “That is the understanding that is out there. It makes sense. Otherwise you kill the market for companies who have invested in FBO operations. You can however have as many AOC operators as you want.”

“I am sure that in 2020 the number will increase. The Expo 2020 site is under construction now. Maybe we’ll be in a position one year from now to shed some light on how many flights there will be. We don’t know who will be booking space and who will be coming with their own aircraft. In the entire Middle East and North Africa, the expectation is that the number of flights will increase to 165-170,000 by 2020,” said Alnaqbi.

ExecuJet on DWC

ExecuJet’s Berry DWC was on the rise. “The aircraft based out of Dubai, and visiting aircraft, are getting used to using DWC. Clearly, where before everybody had reasons not to want to use it, now they realize that slots are easier and landing, parking and everything is cheaper than at DXB. It is understood that with the infrastructure that’s in place, it doesn’t take that long to get here. It’s being utilized more.”

Berry all along insisted that ExecuJet would maintain its standalone concept at Dubai South, and now operates an interim FBO, to be replaced by a long-term solution by 2018.

“Together with Jet Aviation, we’ve been the pioneers of general aviation in Dubai. We’ve been operating for over 15 years now. We took the opportunity many years ago to approach the authorities to start talking about what we wanted. We signed our first document with the predecessor to Dubai South in 2009. We wanted to replicate what we have at DXB, which is standalone,” he said.

“Ours is a comprehensive solution. While they have a great central terminal at DWC for an FBO, we want our comprehensive solution alongside our MRO, similar to other regions around the world, where we have FBO and MRO solutions cohabitating. It’s taken a long time, but we have been working very hard at getting those approvals. That’s why we’ve been going to market saying: ’We’re getting approvals; it’s coming.’ It was a long process.”

DC Aviation

Holger Ostheimer, of DC Aviation Al Futtaim, said Dubai South had progressed in the six months since EBACE 2016.
“What we have seen in the past six months is a relocation of activity from DXB to DWC. It is something that we have been waiting ever since we started operations. When we had the initial discussions with DWC, it was indicated that by October 2013, the majority of private and business aviation would have relocated. That obviously did not happen as scheduled, but it is happening right now and it provides us with an increasing number of opportunities,” he said.

“We respect everyone competing in the market here and contributing to the completion of the VIP Terminal. While the VIP Terminal is a large area, we believe that we can make a difference by providing privacy and discretion that only really this facility can offer. We seek to appeal to a consistent amount of clients that we try to increase over time.”

Empire Aviation

Paras Dhamecha, of Empire Aviation Group, believes the new airport, and its VIP facilities, compare favorably with any other new facility around the world.
“DWC is on an excellent site. The facilities will certainly help the overall experience that we are able to provide to our management customers,” he said.

“The idea of DWC is very strong. Most operators have moved to DWC and we have all but two aircraft based there already. All the feedback has been positive and this speaks volumes for the idea and vision of a VIP Terminal. There was some negative feedback from the temporary FBO facilities, which was inconvenient. DWC will be even better when the lounges of Jetex Flight Support and Falcon Aviation actually open up there.”

Oct 06

Dubai City Guide

Dubai City Guide: 10 Must-Visit Places!

Are you thinking of spending your vacations away from your hometown? Want to go for lots of sightseeing and shopping on your trip and hoping you’d get a tan as well? Well then, the best place for you to spend your vacations is Dubai!

Dubai is a famous city that is located in the UAE or the United Arab Emirates. It is well known for being a luxurious vacationing spot. The city itself has loads to offer, from some famous sightseeing attractions such as the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountain to some of the best shopping malls along with fantastic beaches as well.
You can enjoy the calm and peaceful environment while relaxing on the beach, sipping away your coconut water. The city is the perfect vacation spot for you to visit with your family and friends. However, in order to know about the placed you must visit you should have the best Dubai City Guide to aid you.

Let us serve as your Dubai City Guide and provide you with some suggestions! We’ll be covering buildings, restaurants, shopping malls, and more!

1. Burj Khalifa

burj khalifa fireworks

burj khalifa fireworks

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and is considered to be Dubai’s landmark building. Now, the observation deck which happens to be on the 124th floor of this building is definitely somewhere you would want to go because the views from this floor are simply breathtaking!

You can see the city’s skyline views, plus on the observation deck, you are also provided with an opportunity to find out more about the city as well as about Burj Khalifa itself because you can also see multimedia presentations here.
The next thing that you’d definitely want to do while you’re here is to take the high-speed elevator to the observation deck where you’d get to see a 360-degree view of the city. This way you’ll get a full view of the skyscrapers spread across the city, you can see the desert on one side and the ocean on the other side. People love visiting this place especially during night time as it is the perfect chance for you to view the famous; Dubai’s city-lights panoramas which are a great view fro the eyes! Burj Khalifa is surrounded by beautifully designed gardens where you’d want to stroll around with your beloveds for sure!

2. Dubai Dancing Fountains

Dubai dancing fountains

Dubai dancing fountains

Your next destination, and coming in at number two in this Dubai city guide, should definitely be the Dubai Fountains. These are located at the base of Burj Khalifa and are the world’s largest dancing fountains!
These fountains are set on the 30-acre Burj Khalifa Lake and they shoot water jets about 500 ft high! The fountain itself is about 900 ft long and has 5 circles that vary in sizes. These beautiful fountains perform daily, with performances including some well-known songs. The super light and color projectors help by creating some amazing visual spectrums that can be seen from about 20 miles away as well. These abstract attractions are something that you’d definitely want to see for yourself, for no words can describe this mind-blowing scene!

3. Burj Al-Arab

Burj-al-arab from helicopter

Burj-al-arab from helicopter

Burj Al-Arab is the world’s tallest hotel and it is located on the Dubai coastline on its own artificial island! It is classed as a 7 star hotel. It has been designed in such a manner that it resembles a billowing dhow sail, while the exterior of the hotel is lit up by choreographed lighting that make it quite feast for the eyes. Despite the fact that it is one of the most expensive hotels in the world, Burj Al-Arab is quite a keen spot for tourists. The attention to detail and level of luxury justifies its high price tag. It provides an opportunity to dine at one of the top class restaurants, the Al-Mahara restaurant. Or you could have your afternoon tea at the Skyview Bar which is located on the 27th floor allowing you to get a view of some amazing panoramic views across the city. Out of season prices can bring this hotel into the price reach of most people who want a once in a lifetime experience. The views from the panoramic room are amazing. Sunset in the indoor swimming pools is a tranquil unforgettable experience too.

4. The Dubai Creek

Dubai creek cruising

Dubai creek cruising

The Dubai Creek is a natural seawater inlet that separates the center of the city into two towns; Deira and Bur Dubai. The creek has a lot of importance for the city as it plays an integral role in the city’s expansions. The Dhow Wharfage is located along the Creek’s bank on the north of the Al-Maktoum Bridge. You can visit this place and watch the cargo getting loaded and unloaded; many times the workers even take the tourists for a vessel tour letting them get taste of their lives. You can travel across the creek by taking a trip on one of the dhows or you can also take a small wooden ferry instead.

These were the buildings suggested by our Dubai city guide. Now, let’s talk about the two highly recommended restaurants!

1. Al-Mahara

Al Mahara restaurant Burj Al Arab

Al Mahara restaurant Burj Al Arab

The Al-Mahara restaurant is an establishment that is must go-to while you’re in Dubai. It resides inside the Burj Al Arab hotel but you don’t need to stay at the hotel to eat here. This is an underwater restaurant cooking modern British seafood; where glass panels cover the walls, the floor and even the ceiling of the dining room. This allows you to view the marine aquarium fish while you dine on delicious food. Don’t be afraid of eating the seafood, it won’t be the fish in the aquarium you will eat. The chefs will actually cook live flames in front of you some specialities such as crepes. to add to your restaurant experience.

2. Majlis Al Bahar

Majlis restaurant - Al Bahar - Dubai

Majlis restaurant – Al Bahar – Dubai

This is one of Dubai’s most romantic restaurants. It is located on Burj Al Arab’s private island beach. This restaurant is the best place to enjoy the sunset while surrounded by the beach eating some of the best Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes. But the restaurant is best enjoyed in the cooler months as it does get hot. A meal for two with a bottle of wine will cost you over £200.







This can’t be the best Dubai city guide without talking about the best shopping malls. Here are the recommended malls you should definitely visit.

1. Dubai Mall



The Dubai Mall is Dubai’s top-ranking mall which provides entry to Burj Khalifa along with the Dubai Aquarium. The mall offers not only a great deal of shopping and eating options but also provides quite a lot of entertainment options as well. These options include an ice-skating rink, a gaming zone, and a cinema complex. The Dubai Mall also hosts live music and fashion shows on special events such as the annual Dubai Shopping Festival held in January and February along with the Dubai Summer Surprises Festival that is held in July and August.

The Dubai Aquarium situated on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall houses about 140 species of marine life in a huge suspended tank. You can view them for free if you enter the Underwater Zoo and can walk through the tunnels to get a closer look. The Dubai Aquarium also offers you a chance to go for glass bottom boat tours, cage snorkeling along with shark diving as well.

2. Mall of the Emirates

Mall of the Emirates Dubai

Mall of the Emirates Dubai

Mall of the Emirates is one of Dubai’s most famous malls due to the surreal Ski Dubai facility that is located inside the mall. Ski Dubai is basically an indoor ski resort that offers you a chance to enjoy the snow, ski around, or go for snowboarding and tobogganing. This indoor ski slope is facilitated with chairlifts and a penguin enclosure as well. The Mall also features a cinema complex and a family entertainment center that has a lot of rides for you to go on. The mall offers great shopping and eating opportunities as well!

Ending our Dubai city guide, let’s talk about the beaches that are worth a visit while you’re in the city.

1. The Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach Dubai

Jumeirah Beach Dubai

The Jumeirah Beach is a white, sandy beach which is surrounded by hotels all along its length. It has some of the best facilities for all those who aim to get a tan. There are many sun loungers available. You can go for jet skiing. Plus, there are some great restaurants nearby as well! It is definitely a place you’d want to go to relax. It is a family based beach with lots of attractions for the whole family. There are private portions of the beach for residents of the hotels. The public part is Jumeirah Beach Park. Most tourists will want their picture taken on the beach with the Burj Al Arab hotel in the background.

2. The Mamzar Beach Park

Mamzar beach park

Mamzar beach park

The Mamzar Beach Park is said to be one of the most desirable beaches ever. This beach park has about 5 beaches in coves all around the coast and each of these beaches has a sheltered area with changing rooms and showers. You can rent chalets along with a barbecue area also there are 2 very large swimming pools available. You can rent out the sun loungers as well. This Beach Park also features many cafes and stores so you can have some yummy snacks every now and then!

So, this brings us to the end of our Dubai city guide. We’ve covered a whole range of attractions you should visit while vacationing in this famous city.

Sep 14

Jumeira Golf Estates – Top company in Arab World

Forbes declares Jumeirah Golf Estates recognized is a Top Real Estate Company

Jumeirah golf resort DubaiJumeirah Golf Estates of Dubai honoured by Forbes Middle East as a Top Real Estate Company because of its huge role in shaping the Dubai cityscape.

Senior executives received the award at a gala dinner at the Waldorf Astoria Dubai beating other competition from across the whole of the UAE.

“Forbes Middle East celebrates leading innovators in the real estate industry – so it is a great honour for us to have been selected as an organisation that is developing our region’s real estate, and in doing so is contributing to the development of a resilient and diversified economy for Dubai and the UAE,” commented Yousuf Kazim, CEO of Jumeirah Golf Estates.

This was the first Forbes Middle East event ever. It was a competition between the top 100 real estate companies and consultants. It was a business style celebration of economic development in the Arab world.

Jumeirah Golf Esates has early this year also been listed as one of the top 100 golf courses in the world by Golf Digest magazine.

Also alandalus a construction of 715 luxury apartments was started and plans to complete in 2018. There is also a retail centre as part of this development which is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.

Jumeirah Golf Estates hosted the DP World Tour Championship, the Season Finale of the European Tour’s Race to Dubai since 2009.

Jumeirah Golf Estates is one of the Middle East’s most prestigious residential golf communities, offering a wide range facilities and more than 1,700 individually designed homes (constructed and under construction) in the United Arab Emirates doses of synthroid. Situated just 15 minutes from The Palm and Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Golf Estates is well placed to provide easy access to its two championship golf courses, Fire & Earth, and luxury homes are within easy reach of Dubai’s top attractions. From a state-of-the-art Clubhouse to restaurants, swimming pools and fitness centers, Jumeirah Golf Estates has a wide variety of entertainment and luxurious recreation facilities.

Sep 12




Just over half of Dubai’s residents expect the property market pick up over the next 12 months.

Many property agents have declared that the price slump is over and that there will be a sustained period of growth over the next few years.

A majority of Dubai property owners hope to buy again this year or next year and that they agree that now is a good time to buy before prices reach dizzy heights again.

Buyers have got their eyes on Dubai Marina or Downtown Dubai

The first 8 months of 2016 saw £32 billion invested in Dubai

There is expected to be a surge in the workforce coming to Dubai over the same period giving a strong foundation to the property market. Tourist numbers are also on the increase which will mean a buoyant short term let market